Intuition, Inc. is a group of seasoned due diligence professionals who believe that the broker-dealer community is best served with material and timely analysis. Our analysts have all been FINRA registered professionals. We assess material risks, considerations and opportunities utilizing a breadth of experience and education in a variety of areas from securities to law to engineering, combined with a common sense approach. Our client base ranges from independent broker-dealers to financial product sponsors to corporate business entities.



Broker-Dealer Support

  • Maintain risk management and implement the appropriate risk mitigation controls
  • Customize offering and sponsor assessments for focused investment decisions
  • Issue reviews and updates at any frequency (annually, bi-annually, quarterly)
  • Curate effective broker-dealer due diligence processes and documentation policies
  • Create sponsor cooperation and liaison initiatives for improved product support

Sponsor and Offering Reviews

  • Visit sponsors and sites
  • Interview C-Level and key personnel
  • Identify advantages, critical considerations and material risks
  • Verify vital documentation
  • Conduct background and litigation checks

Transactional  Analysis

  • Measure the viability and scope of transactional relationships
  • Research and propose deal and fee structure options

Feasibility Studies

  • Determine the integrity and economic viability of a business plan
  • Assess the execution capability of the sponsor

Product Due Diligence Training

  • Educate regarding alternative investments such as non-traded REITS and direct private placements
  • Consult on the essential parameters of reviewing and comparing offerings

International Due Diligence

  • Provide multi-lingual business capabilities for increased clarity and efficiency
  • Utilize significant knowledge of multi-cultural business practices for enhanced international access and acceptance